Why monitor my mental health?

Mood and anxiety disorders are serious conditions that can affect not only
your quality of life but also your physical health.

An untreated mood or anxiety disorder can increase your risk of a heart
attack. and can interfere with treatment and progress of other
medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, cancer
and asthma. Your physical, 
spiritual and emotional health are
connected. Supporting one supports the 

Can my primary care doctor assess
my mental health?

Yes. Using the M3 Checklist, your primary care doctor can screen you
for treatable mental health conditions, like depression, anxiety, bipolar,
posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or substance use disorders. Talking
your primary care physician is the first important step
in taking control of your 
mental health.

What is the M3 Checklist?

The M3 Checklist is a confidential 3-5 minute mental health screen ordered
by your doctor. You can take the assessment on a web-enabled device from
anywhere, including during a doctor visit.

Who benefits from completing the
M3 Checklist?

Anyone 18 years or older can benefit from completing the M3 Checklist.
Receiving a more accurate diagnosis can lead to more
effective treatment, if 

Your physician benefits from the M3 because undetected and poorly treated
mental health conditions can interfere with your quality of life, and your scores
help the doctor measure your progress.

During a typical office visit, the M3 Checklist provides primary care clinicians
with a highly effective tool that identifies and organizes mental health
symptoms that may impact your wellbeing.

How can I access the M3 Checklist?

The M3 Checklist is available through medical practices.
Please ask your 

What happens after I take the M3 Checklist?

Once the M3 Checklist is completed, your doctor will review the results
with you. Your M3 Score measures your level of symptoms and helps your
doctor determine if you have a mental health condition.

Your doctor will also receive a report that quickly and effectively enables a
discussion with you about relevant mental health symptoms to provide a
more personalized treatment plan.

Should I still take the M3 Checklist even if I’ve already taken
another mental health screen?

This should be decided with your doctor. The M3 checklist presents a wider
view of mental health symptoms than typical single-condition screens which
may benefit your personal health.

What if my primary care doctor doesn’t know about the
M3 Checklist?

Please ask your provider to contact us using this website.

Are you having suicidal thoughts?

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, please call 911, go to the nearest
emergency room or contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: